What is pure water?

Pure Water, is water which has been treated to remove any dissolved solids and particles from the water. Our standard tap water is full of these contaminates, levels of which vary dependant on what part of the United Kingdom we live in, here in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire we suffer from quite high levels which stop us being able to wash correctly with water alone without leaving marks, spots and smears etc. This can be tested simply by allowing your tap water to dry naturally on your windows, the tap water would soon evaporate leaving behind all the solid mineral deposits within it, your window would feel slightly rough to the touch and visually the glass would look chalky and contain multiple mineral spots giving it a undesirable finish.

Our system explained

Here at Pure Transparent we don’t do things by half, this is why we have invested heavily in what we believe is the best pure water production and delivery system around. Our modern Vauxhall Vivaro van carries a massive 650 litre pure water tank enough for the largest of jobs. This system comprises of a 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration system which rids our relatively hard tap water of all it’s impurities and minerals, thus making the filtrated water pure down to a measured reading of zero parts of impurities per million. This water is then supplied from the holding tank out through a series of hoses and up to a water fed pole brush head using powerful delivery pumps which are fully flow controlled via our on-board control panel to ensure the correct amount of water is supplied to clean your windows properly.

Further improved cleaning power using heat

The benefits to adding heat to the mix truly does speak for itself and needs to be seen to be believed, our system is capable of supplying us with heated pure water at any temperature we require all day long. Having your windows cleaned using hot pure water will truly improve the clean further,  it will remove dirt and grim from your windows and frames better and faster, and also improve window drying times. Your windows will be left in a film-less sterile state, leaving them cleaner for longer. Heated pure water is used for many services we offer such as first cleans, one off cleans, soffits/facias, guttering, commercial cladding and conservatories, plus many others.

No more missed windows

The benefits of using our cleaning method over that of traditional window cleaning methods are endless, but some of the common advantages are that we can reach and clean hard to access windows on your property such as ones above a conservatory, single story extensions, attic windows and windows above garages that are not made to be walked on. We use a series of fully carbon telescopic water fed poles with various brush heads and attachments that allow us to clean windows easily all from the safety of the ground. We carry poles long enough to enable us to clean windows up to massive heights of 60ft plus!

Further benefits to our customers

• Use of this method means we don’t just clean the windows, we clean the frames, sills and even your front door on every clean, all at no extra charge. A window in our opinion only looks as clean as the frame it’s surrounded by, maintaining these as much as the windows themselves will improve the overall look of your property.
• We only use pure water, as the purity is so high and no detergents are used your windows are all left in a sterile state and is a proven fact that that will stay cleaner for longer when compared to having them cleaned in a traditional method.
• As we don’t use ladders to clean windows this increases customer privacy somewhat and avoids any unnecessary possible damage to the customers home such as damage to grass, brick work, roof tiles, window sills which can all happen from regular ladder use.
• All that is left after we have been cleaning your windows is pure water. This will do no harm to your plants or your paths etc. if any water runs on to your garden.
• Special brush fibres are used which have been specially designed to be kind to glass and UPVC and don’t mark or scratch these surfaces which can happen using other methods.
• Fully insured & uniformed, reliable and regular service typically for residential customers we provide a 2, 4 or 8 weekly cleaning program
• Commercial cleaning programs fully tailored to your needs.
• Text reminder service “if required’ typically sent the evening before to remind you were calling the next day, multiple payment options ‘see our payments page for more info’
If you have a question about our methods or operation please be sure to check out our FAQ’s page as it may be answered for you on there, if not then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01782 01782 901019 or 07901 535708