Avoid costly repairs with a with a cost effective gutter clearance

Blocked gutters can become heavy from the extra weight of dirt and water which can cause it to pull away from fascias, and in some cases from the building completely. Without regular gutter clearing the gutters on your property will collect debris and detritus, and may in some cases get blocked. If a blockage occurs, water is likely to ‘overtop’ back into the building, particularly during heavy downpours. This may cause significant damage to the building, but many people forget that internal damage due to blocked gutters could have a wider effect – internal damp, damaging furniture, or in the case of a commercial building, damaging stock, contaminating raw materials and breaking equipment and machinery. All this may lead to costly insurance claims and increased premiums.

Fast and efficient gutter cleaning

At Pure Transparent we use a high performance wet and dry vacuum system with a series of 50mm diameter carbon poles and a selection of tool attachments to match the gutter structure and the type of debris encountered. A wireless camera allows us to continually monitor progress and assure a thorough job is completed. The system operates comfortably to heights of up to 40 feet.  All debris is safely and tidily taken into the vacuum collector which is all organic material and great to use in borders or compost collectors. We can happily take away all debris if not required at a small extra cost.
We offer a FREE in person site survey, we carry a telescopic inspection pole fitted with a camera and monitor to inspect your guttering. We can then give you a no obligation quote based on the work and time involved.